Town Square - Nevada, Las Vegas

ELA Shines in the "City of Lights"

ELA shines as it takes on the challenge of producing a palette of European-style luminaires, arms, poles as well as site furnishings and amenities to produce the perfect environment for Town Square's mix-use retail center.

Town Square’s shopping center is now the largest retail real estate development in the Las Vegas area, consisting of 117-acres. The site offers stunning European style architecture, a boutique hotel, a children’s park, pleasant walkways and a village-like atmosphere.

"Town Square" photo gallery

Site and Perimeter Lighting

  • European-Style Luminaires with custom arms and poles
  • European-Style Wall Sconces
  • European-Style Pendant Mounts
  • Contemporary-Style Vertical Wall Luminaire

Site Furnishings               

  • Round Full Bench                           
  • Half Round Bench
  • Precast Benches
  • Worlds Fair Style Benches
  • Straight Benches
  • 42” Round Tables
  • Custom Chairs

Site Amenities

  • Trash Receptacles
  • Freestanding Directories
  • Illuminated Freestanding Directories
  • Pedestrian Directory Signs
  • Vehicular Directional Signs
  • Stop Sign
  • Street Sign (single and double sided)

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